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Removing the effects of hail

We are a company specializing in removing dents and eliminating the effects of hail. We also organize large hail events, which means that our PDR technicians
They have extensive experience, so you can be sure of successful repair of your vehicle fleet.

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Take advantage of the knowledge and skills of PDR technicians who will remove dents without the need for painting. “The skills we have are not a matter of talent, but of many years of hard work.”
Has your car been damaged by hail?

Have you bought or are you planning to buy a car after a hailstorm?

Are you the owner or manager of a fleet of vehicles that were damaged by hail?

What is a hailstorm?

A hailstorm is a dangerous atmospheric phenomenon that involves the sudden fall of ice balls with a diameter ranging from 0.5 cm to a record 20 cm. The currents accompanying the formation of hailstones determine the size of the hailstones.

Hail is actually frozen water drops that stick together while spinning in a storm cloud. The force with which the ice balls fall to the ground is determined by the wind speed and their weight.

A hailstorm can lead to numerous destructions and, as a result, extensive material losses. The bodywork of vehicles exposed to rainfall is also damaged.

Fortunately, the resulting hail damage can be effectively repaired without losing the value of the vehicle. In this way, our technicians help individual customers as well as dealers and fleet managers throughout Europe.

Repair of damaged bodywork

It is worth remembering that such a repair eliminates the problem of dents permanently, and does not just hide it under a layer of putty.

The result of our work is a car without hail dents, without traces of repairs and differences in paint thickness.

We remove the effects of hail using non-invasive repairs using the PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) method, which means that we do not interfere with the paint coating, thanks to which the car regains its value.

Repair in 3 steps

A car whose body has been damaged by numerous dents significantly loses its price and appearance. You can get your money back by starting cooperation with Autoklinika Poznań.

1. Repair calculation

An experienced PDR repair technician will inspect your car, assess the scale of damage and present an individual offer.

2. Setting a date

Together we will choose a date for the service that will be tailored to your requirements.

3. Repair of damage

Using our skills and experience, we will remove dents from your vehicle. During the repair, we will provide you with a free replacement car, so that you can function peacefully while the technician removes body dents caused by hail.

Quality control

An important element of our work, which involves removing dents caused by hail, is constant quality control of our activities.

We attach great importance to maintaining a high level of repairs carried out by PDR technicians.

Many years of experience have led to the creation of work patterns that ensure complete repeatability of the quality of the service.

Zone for dealers and fleets

Autoklinika Poznań focuses on long-term relationships with customers, because we are not interested in one-off sales, but in permanent cooperation.

Thanks to this approach, since 2008 we have gained many partners on the automotive and insurance markets.

Our contractors feel safe because, in addition to perfect repairs, they receive flexible terms of cooperation.

See what our clients say about us

Their trust is most important to us.
Michał - owner of VW Passat

"My car was damaged by a hail storm, but the repair at the Autoklinika left no traces of the damage."

Karol Brzęcki - director of DOMCAR

"I certify that there are no objections to the company's reliability. Thanks to this, each of the company's contractors can count on very high standards of cooperation."

Piotr - owner of BMW 520D

"I received a reliable damage calculation and help in completing the formalities. I recommend Autoklinika!"

They trusted us