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We will take care of your car at the highest level

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For years, we have been gaining experience and perfecting the art we do. By learning from industry authorities, we wrote our own automotive history.

We started in 2006. We have been operating as an Autoklinika detailing studio since 2012. Hundreds, if not thousands, of cars have passed through our hands. Before we established our own brand, we traveled around Europe, training and improving our skills under the supervision of the best in the industry. During this time, we worked for many clients, including such renowned ones as BMW Menton and Mercedes-Benz Niederlassung.

Autoklinika Poznan is a symbol
of the highest quality automotive services

We love what we do. We love motoring. We approach our clients and their cars with passion.

We consistently work at the same, highest level. Always with great attention to detail and complete repeatability.


Each implementation is a thrill for us and great satisfaction when we see the effect of our work and the customer's reaction to the sight of a changed car.


While we are working on your car, you can freely work or relax in our comfortable waiting room.

Each car is a different story.
These are different challenges and expectations.

We offer a full range of services related to car detailing, PPF protection, car wrapping and broadly understood styling.

What do our clients expect?

Autoklinika is a place created with aesthetics, harmony, elegance and style in mind. Our recipe for success is the sum of details and hard work. The result is amazing projects and customer satisfaction.

The services we provide are a carefully selected mixture, the proportions of which are perfectly balanced and the ingredients complement each other in every detail. We will find a solution to any problem related to the aesthetics of your vehicle. We make every effort to meet your expectations.

The offered programs can be interwoven so that everyone can take comprehensive care of their car. As pioneers in detailing, we guarantee high quality, and each service is performed by our qualified crew with extensive experience.

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We will do everything possible to make your car look phenomenal!

We use the best products

Good products mean good service quality

  • We use selected products from trusted manufacturers that meet our requirements and allow us to satisfy every customer.

  • We only work with products that will fully utilize our potential and passion for detailing.

  • We learned from the best and they showed us how to work with perfectly selected products and provide services at the highest level.

Quality without compromise

  • Let us take care of your car and entrust it to our expert hands.

  • We will make your car always look perfect and gain a unique character.

  • Customer satisfaction and contentment are our guarantee of success and the driving force for action.

We will take care of every detail

Hundreds, if not thousands, of cars have passed through our hands. We are not one of many. Apart from extensive experience and perfect craftsmanship, our approach differs. To customers and their cars.

Bringing your car to perfection is a challenge and unique emotion for us. We will restore its former glory and showroom appearance.

Our experienced technicians do their best at every stage of work on your car.

As enthusiasts of car cosmetics and detailing, we will not miss any detail. Each car has an individual story and expectations.

We share the knowledge we have developed

We invite you to training

To learn the secrets of Smart Repair and Auto Detailing, we traveled all over Europe for several years.

There was one goal – to learn from the best and practice in prestigious car services. We want to pass this knowledge and experience on by educating professionals.

Always where it hails!

Cooperation with car dealers and insurance companies in the repair of hail damage

PDR Expert

Thanks to our network of mobile technicians, we are not limited to Poland. We operate all over the world!

We have legal and technical competences and advise at every stage of repair. Our competitive advantage is provided by unique IT tools ensuring maximum efficiency and 12 years of experience.