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Leather upholstery renovation

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Leather upholstery renovation

Leather upholstery means comfort and prestige. At the same time, it can give you a headache.

The skin is exposed to numerous threats resulting from the daily use of individual elements. Daily use leads to abrasion of the leather surface and accumulation of dirt.

Holes caused by contact of the upholstery with cigarette embers or sharp items of clothing may also be a problem. Additionally, atmospheric factors have a negative impact and cause fading over time.

What does car upholstery repair look like?

We can repair all types of damage mentioned above. We have ways to restore leather upholstery to its original value. So that it fills us with joy, as it did at the very beginning.

1. First, we clean the upholstery surface very carefully.

2. We fill the damage using the so-called gel skin.

3. We work on each damage to recreate the original structure of the skin.

4. We dye the repaired elements using a color identical to the original one. ,

5. We give the upholstery an appropriate finish – e.g. gloss, satin, matte.

6. We carry out maintenance of repaired surfaces.

Main benefits

See what you gain by using our services.
Removal of discolorations, abrasions and cracks on the upholstery.

Lower repair cost than replacing the element.

Increasing the aesthetic value of the interior and higher comfort of use.

Renovation of leather upholstery

Leather upholstery, even made of carefully selected materials, may lose its perfect appearance after some time. Abrasions and discolorations often appear on the seats, and the leather itself becomes dirty and fades under the influence of UV rays. However, thanks to our specialists, you do not have to replace the material covering the car's interior in such a situation. All you have to do is take advantage of our offer, which includes renovation of leather upholstery.

Smart Repair is a technology that is currently becoming more and more popular in Europe due to its numerous advantages. It allows you to repair minor damage to cars without having to replace parts and waiting a long time to obtain a satisfactory result. Thanks to it, we can help you restore the perfect appearance of the seats and other elements in the interior of your car. The car that comes into our hands will look like new after a short time - see for yourself!

Renovation of car seats using Smart Repair technology involves the use of the so-called gel leather in the color of the upholstery of a given car. In addition, we recreate the original structure of the material, so no one will notice that the seats have been renovated. The service also includes upholstery maintenance, which ensures its perfect appearance for a long time and protects against further discoloration or abrasion.

Repairing leather upholstery using Smart Repair technology has many advantages. These include: service time. Appropriate methods allow for quick repairs, which, depending on the type and size of damage, may take a maximum of several hours. Thanks to this, you can enjoy your renovated upholstery on the same day! Moreover, the use of appropriate products means that there is no need to replace the materials from which the armchairs are made - a special gel will restore their former color and make them no different from new models.

Smart Repair is also a technology that makes it possible to repair leather upholstery more cheaply. No need to replace elements and shorter service time affect its price. Moreover, thanks to the fact that the regeneration of leather seats will be entrusted to our specialists, you can be sure that the car will look perfect after the repair. Autoklinika specialists are people who use their experience and knowledge during their work, which means that they complete each order to the customer's satisfaction.

Renewing car upholstery using a special gel is a good choice for anyone who wants to keep original parts in their car and save time and money. This method guarantees the perfect appearance of the seats. If you want to get it, you don't have to give up driving all day - just entrust it to our specialists for a while.

Forget about discoloration and stains on your car seats by discovering what refinishing leather upholstery can do. Poznań is the city where the Autoklinika is located, but our offer is also addressed to people from outside the capital of Greater Poland. We are sure that our specialists can provide services at a level that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

Each person who deals with vehicles in the Autoklinika has experience gained both in Poland and abroad. The knowledge acquired while working for the largest car manufacturers allows us to carry out every renovation of leather upholstery with such care and precision. We know that the comfort of the driver and passengers, as well as the appearance of a given car, depend on the seats, which is why we make every effort to ensure that the upholstery remains in perfect condition for a long time.