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Paint correction

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Paint correction

A beautiful car in impeccable technical condition, regularly cared for by the owner, and then – out of nowhere – a scratch appears.

It can really ruin your mood. Scratches and dullness in the paint significantly affect the visual appearance of the car. At the same time, they happen to everyone who leaves - even from time to time - behind the garage door.

The aesthetic perfection of the paint can be restored 100%. And this without complete varnishing. The key to this is to have corrections carried out by an experienced specialist equipped with appropriate tools and preparations.

What does the paint correction process look like?

We recommend the service not only to owners of used cars. We can assure owners of new cars that as a result of the work, their car will look even better than in the showroom. In addition, we will protect its body.

1. First, we detail wash the vehicle. We must get rid of absolutely all impurities.

2. We conduct a thorough inspection of the vehicle. At this stage, we select the techniques we will use in further work.

3. We protect every element that could potentially get dirty or damaged.

4. Polish the varnish centimeter by centimeter.

5. We verify the achieved effects. If necessary, we repeat the work. Until it’s done.

6. We protect the vehicle’s paint in accordance with the customer’s expectations. Beforehand, we present him with a whole range of options for protecting the bodywork – from waxes to advanced ceramic coatings.

Main benefits

See what you gain by using our services.
Removal of scratches, streaks and holograms, perfect appearance of the vehicle.

Removal of traces of previous use.

Impressively shiny varnish with incredible color depth.

Removal of matting.

Removal of pits of organic origin (e.g. resin).

Increasing the market value of the vehicle.

Paint correction

Scratches appearing on a car are a nuisance for every driver, especially if the car owner takes care of them properly on a daily basis. Unsightly matting or abrasions are difficult to avoid. However, the Autoklinika offers paint correction, thanks to which the vehicle can quickly regain its former, perfect appearance. What's more, we also offer this service to owners of new vehicles. Thanks to it, these cars can delight with their shine and depth of color.

Car paint repair takes place in several stages. Before starting the correction, we must properly clean the car of any dirt. We use the detailing method, focusing even on the nooks and crannies of the vehicle. With the car prepared in this way, we can proceed to inspect the car. At this stage, we assess fading and possible scratches that we want to get rid of during the execution of the order. This allows us to select a method that ensures the expected results.

The next stages of car paint repair are:

  • protection of all car elements that could be damaged or dirty during the service,

  • polishing the car with attention to even the smallest details, which is the most important stage of paint correction,

  • evaluation of the obtained effects and, if you are dissatisfied with the obtained color depth or notice any shortcomings, repeat the process.

At the end, each car is properly secured. We give the customer the opportunity to choose the best way to protect the bodywork, first presenting all available solutions and their advantages. Thanks to this, you know what you are paying for and you have an influence on how your car will ultimately look.

As previously mentioned, our services are not only addressed to people whose cars have damaged paint. We can also make a recently purchased car even more shiny so that it attracts the attention of all passers-by and delights them with the color of its paint. Thanks to their knowledge and experience, our specialists know what to do to enhance the beauty of the paint of each four-wheeler.

It is possible to perform one- or two-stage paint correction. Which one will work better? It depends primarily on how large the scratches and discolorations are visible on the bodywork. The first of the mentioned variants is used in the case of minor damage and loss of intensity of the body color. Selecting appropriate techniques allows you to remove defects and restore the car to the desired shades without any flaws in the paint.

Two-stage paint correction is a good choice for owners of cars with clearly marked scratches or severely faded bodywork. In such a case, it is usually necessary to repeat the correction activities in order to obtain satisfactory results and get rid of any damage, also in places that are difficult to access or invisible at first glance.

Is one-stage paint correction enough in your case, or would it be better to invest in the second of the mentioned services? It is worth consulting the choice of the appropriate service with one of our specialists, who will help and explain which methods will be the most effective in a given case.

Is it possible to make corrections if the problem is a paint chip? Repair by polishing in this case will probably not bring the desired results. In this case, varnishing will be necessary. You don't know whether car paint repair will allow your car to regain its desired appearance? You can always consult your doubts with our team of specialists who, thanks to their knowledge and experience, can accurately assess what activities will help refresh the appearance of a given vehicle.

The specialists employed at the Autoklinika are people who approach each task individually in order to meet the different expectations of each client. We deal with both cars that need refreshing and new cars from which new owners want to get the best out of them. How much does car paint repair cost? It is difficult to clearly indicate the price, because it all depends on how much damage is visible on the body and on the chosen method of repair and maintenance after the paint correction has been performed. Poznań is a place where there are few companies as good as mine

Thanks to the use of technologically advanced equipment and effective preparations, as well as the skills and experience of our specialists, all cars that have undergone paint repair delight today with their perfect appearance. Forget about unsightly streaks, scratches or holograms - thanks to us, your car will be free from such blemishes again, just like when it was still in the showroom.

Are you a particularly demanding person? Do you want your car to shine? Choose Autoklinika's services. During the execution of the order, we will be happy to remove any organic pits, e.g. resin, which may be particularly important for people who want to sell their car soon. Trust us, and you will see that the specialists in whose hands you are to hand over your vehicle will make every effort to meet your expectations and provide it with the desired appearance. Please contact us!