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Removing chips from windows

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Removing chips from windows

A chip on the glass spoils the aesthetics of the car. It is obvious. However, a much more serious consequence is impaired visibility while driving.

The first solution that comes to mind is to replace the glass - now or after some time, when the defect "grows". Without investing in a new glass, without having to incur high costs.

We know a much better method of proceeding - repairing the defect using Smart Repair techniques.

What is the process of repairing a glass chip?

The sooner we decide, the greater the certainty that the risk of further cracking of the glass will be prevented.

1. Cleaning the repair area.

2. Drilling the damage according to the Smart Repair methodology.

3. Applying the finishing resin.

4. Irradiation of the damaged area with a UV lamp.

5. Polishing the glass until the surface is smooth.

Main benefits

See what you gain by using our services.
No need to replace the glass and quick repair time.

Significantly lower costs compared to the cost of replacing the glass.

Repair recognized by insurers.

Car glass repair

During everyday use of a car, its windows are exposed to certain external factors, which may cause chips to appear on them. Windshields are most often damaged. These types of irregularities affect not only the appearance of the car, but also the safety of people traveling in the vehicle. If you notice damage to this part of your car, it is worth having your car glass repaired as soon as possible.

Splinters appearing on the glass affect the aesthetics of the car, which may be particularly troublesome for people who want their car to always look perfect. The main problem with this type of damage, however, is that if it is not removed quickly, contaminants will begin to accumulate in the chips.

Delaying the visit to a specialist often means that repairing the car windshield is no longer possible. Moreover, there is a possibility that a small chip will turn into a crack over time, which may pose a threat both to the people driving the car and to everyone passing the car on the road.

Do you want to get rid of a chip on the glass? Car glass repair using the Smart Repair technique is one of the items on offer at the Autoklinika. The name of the solution used is an abbreviation of the words Small and Medium Area Repair Technologies. It concerns the repair of minor damage that can be removed in a short time. Initially, this technique for car repair was used in the USA, and later - mainly in Great Britain and Germany. Currently, thanks to its numerous advantages, it is also popular in other countries, including Poland.

One of the activities that can be carried out using the Smart Repair technique is removing chips from the windows. After cleaning them from any dirt, appropriate drilling is done on the damage. Then a finishing resin is applied to it, and then the repaired part of the glass is exposed to UV lamp. Finally, we polish the glass to smooth its surface.

Glass chip repair options are eagerly chosen by customers. This is mainly related to:

  • speed of repair - the time to remove the damage, depending on the case, is counted in minutes or hours. Thanks to the use of this technology, you do not have to leave your car in the workshop for a longer period of time during repairs - this is especially important if you need your car all day long;

  • no need to replace parts - we perform the service in such a way that the windshield in a given vehicle does not have to be replaced. Thanks to this, the car after repair still has all its original parts without any previous defects;

  • the price of this solution. Repairing glass chips with Smart Repair technology is profitable for car owners — no need to replace parts in the car reduces the cost of the service.

It is worth emphasizing, however,that in order for Smart Repair glass chip repair to bring the expected results, this task must be entrusted to professionals. This should be done by experienced people who constantly improve their skills. In the case of this type of service, attention to detail is important because it largely determines what the previously damaged glass will look like after repair.

Our specialists are committed people for whom work is also a passion. Therefore, they are eager to learn new techniques to restore their cars to their perfect appearance and performance. Repairs performed at the Auto Clinic using Smart Repair technology will allow you to enjoy your car again.

It should be emphasized, however, that if it is possible to glue a car window, it is worth using this solution because it is faster and cheaper than replacing the damaged part of the car, and at the same time it also provides durable and aesthetic effects. Leaving the original part and properly sanding it after applying the glue means that there are no traces left on the car that could indicate that it has been repaired.

Należy jednak podkreślić, że w przypadku, gdy możliwe okazuje się klejenie szyby samochodowej, warto skorzystać z tego rozwiązania, ponieważ jest ono szybsze i tańsze niż wymiana uszkodzonej części auta, a przy tym, zapewnia ono również trwałe oraz estetyczne efekty. Zostawienie oryginalnej części i odpowiednio wykonane szlifowanie po nałożeniu kleju sprawia bowiem, że na samochodzie nie pozostają ślady, które mogłyby wskazywać, że był on naprawiany.

How much does it cost to repair a car windshield? The price is determined individually after knowing the details of a given damage. We want each customer to be satisfied with our services and know what they are paying for, which is why we carry out each order with care, taking care of even the smallest details of the car's elements.

It is also worth emphasizing that, as previously mentioned, repairing car glass using Smart Repair technology is in many cases a more profitable solution than replacing this element of the car due to chips.

Thanks to our experience and knowledge acquired both in Poland and abroad for the largest automotive manufacturers, we can offer a number of services addressed to demanding customers who expect perfect results of the tasks performed.

One of them is car glass repair. Poznań is the place where our company is based, but our services are addressed to everyone who wants their car to be both efficient and spectacular. Entrust your car to the best and forget about chips that reduce visibility and destroy the aesthetics of the four-wheeler.