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Removing dents

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Body dents are a problem for almost all car owners

Dents in the bodywork are a problem that affects many drivers. It's easy to cause such damage - a small bump is enough to make unsightly dents visible on the car.In addition, they may appear as a result of heavy hail or as a result of the impact of a falling chestnut tree or branch, if the car was near the tree at the time.

Often, one of our tasks is to remove parking dents. When leaving a parking space, you may hit a bollard or another car due to limited visibility, movement area or poor lighting.

We provide professional dent removal using appropriate tools. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we can guarantee that our work will bring the expected results. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer!

PDR dent removal

The method of removing dents in the body used by our company is a groundbreaking solution that not only restores the vehicle to the condition before unwanted damage occurred, but also allows you to preserve the original paint coating.

PDR dent removal is an advanced technique that is used by few companies in Poznań and the surrounding area, because it requires extensive experience in operating appropriate levers at the elastic limit of the sheet metal. The car clinic specializes in providing this type of services, so if you encounter an unpleasant situation and see a dent on your car after returning from shopping, feel free to contact us. Thanks to our approach to work, we have gained a large group of devoted customers from Poznań who, looking for a company offering PDR dent removal, come to Autoklinika.

What are your benefits?

You can drive as carefully as possible, you can park your car in the garage, but you can't predict someone's behavior in the parking lot, let alone the possibility of a hail storm while driving.

- you will pay less than for sheet metal methods - you will maintain the original paint coating - you will save time (the implementation time is often just over 30 minutes)

- Your car will increase in value - the repair takes place without filling - the repair is recognized by insurance companies

Dent repair using the innovative PDR method

  • Dent repair in the Auto Clinic is carried out using the PDR method, whose name comes from the English words paintless dent repair. Thanks to this solution, we can restore the bodywork to the condition it was in before it was damaged, and at the same time maintain the original paint coating.

  • It is worth noting that this method is not used by many companies in Poznań and other cities. This is due to the fact that in order to effectively remove dents using the PDR method, it is necessary to have adequate experience in operating special levers that act on the bodywork at the elastic limit of the sheet metal.

  • Removing dents without painting is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to keep the original paint on their car and, at the same time, wants to get rid of unsightly dents.

  • Have you encountered an unpleasant situation while parking or your car was a victim of heavy hail? Don't wait, contact our specialists and your vehicle will regain its former, pristine appearance!

Glue pulling dent removal

  • Dent removal is performed using an inertia hammer and specialized adapters of each selected shape and size.

  • The adapter is attached to the surface of the dent using hot-melt glue. When the glue hardens, the dented sheet metal is pulled out.

  • An inertia hammer is used for this purpose.

  • We use this method when the use of the PDR lever is limited due to the specific structure of the element (e.g. in the case of posts and closed profiles).

Removing dents

Dents on the bodywork can keep you awake at night. Particularly irritating are situations when the damage is not the car owner's fault, and this is often the case with dents appearing out of nowhere on cars. This significantly affects the aesthetics of the vehicle as well as its value. Knowing how troublesome dents can be, we professionally remove them. We provide the service in such a way that not even a trace of the situation remains on the bodywork, and the car itself looks as it did when it left the showroom.

Our specialists can ensure such high effectiveness thanks to the experience they have gained both at home and abroad. They can perform this type of tasks with great precision, which is important when operating at the elastic limit of the sheet metal. The skills of people working at the Auto Clinic are also proven by the fact that they themselves provide training in removing dents using the PDR method. Moreover, this method has been appreciated by many customers who can now enjoy the perfect appearance of their cars again.

Many people wonder how much dent removal costs. The price of this type of service depends primarily on how extensive the damage is. Therefore, it is difficult to clearly indicate it. It is worth noting, however, that removing dents using the PDR method is cheaper than sheet metal methods, which involve replacing the paint coating, so when you choose our services, you save money.

Choose Autoklinika and we will provide you with effective dent removal. Poznań is a city where there are few companies providing this type of services using the described method. Thanks to it, we can get rid of dents even in a very short time! Forget about leaving your car for many hours in the workshop and trust the specialists! It is also worth emphasizing that the repairs we perform are recognized by insurance companies, thanks to the fact that they are carried out by specialists using professional equipment.

For our specialists, removing dents after hailstorms or unwanted encounters with other cars in the parking lot is not a problem at all. By giving your car to us, you can be sure that it will regain its perfect appearance. Thanks to our precision and adaptation to the needs of our customers, we can now enjoy the trust of many drivers who entrust us with their cars not only from Poznań, but also from the vicinity of the capital of Greater Poland.