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The effects of waxing last from several weeks to several months - depending on the type of wax used and the method of using and washing the vehicle.

Car paint is the first barrier that the car poses to external factors. At the same time, the paint determines the originality and character of your car. It is worth taking care of this element. It is worth protecting it against corrosion and weather conditions. Waxing the paint fills the pores in the paint structure.

Thanks to this, various contaminants do not penetrate deep into its structure. Moreover, waxing significantly improves the aesthetic value of the bodywork - the color gains depth and shine. We offer a full range of waxes available on the market. The choice of a specific preparation is left to the customer's decision. Naturally, you can also count on professional help at this stage.

Waxing in the Autoklinika stage by stage

  • 1

    Car body detailing washing.

  • 2

    Application of wax to the paint surface.

  • 3

    Removing wax residues with the best microfibers on the market.

  • 4

    Preparing the car for delivery to the owner.

Main benefits

  • 1

    Hydrophobic effect (repulsion of water molecules).

  • 2

    Resistance to UV radiation.

  • 3

    Depth of color, impressive shine.

  • 4

    Protection against the ingress of dirt and other contaminants.

  • 5

    Cosmetics made easier, paint life extended.

Waxing the car’s paint

Car paint determines how a given car looks. Properly selected wax can give the car the desired character and make it elegant and original. Moreover, it is the varnish that is the first barrier to external factors. Therefore, every car owner should take care of it. Regular car waxing, offered by our company, can help.

Waxing a car is a process that aims to even out the pores in the paint structure. This allows you to create a barrier that prevents dirt from getting into the bodywork. Moreover, this activity makes the car regain its original, vivid color and the desired shine. It is worth noting that car waxing can be done using a wide range of different preparations. Thanks to the fact that we do not limit ourselves to only one agent, the customer can make the final decision about which wax will be suitable in a given case.

Waxing the paint involves the following steps:

  1. Thorough detailing of the car, thanks to which we can be sure that all dirt will be removed from the body.

  2. Applying wax to the car's paint using an appropriate applicator. The wax is applied in circular motions, piece by piece, until the entire car is covered.

  3. Removing wax residues from the car using microfibers. Thanks to them, it is possible to obtain a streak-free bodywork. Moreover, thanks to the use of this type of products, there is no chance that the car could be scratched during this process.

  4. Final touches, i.e. preparing the car for collection.

Waxing the paint in this way allows you to achieve excellent results, which are visible immediately after removing the remnants of wax from the bodywork. It is enough that this activity is performed carefully and using effective preparations.

Car waxing is an activity that all car owners should remember. It affects both the aesthetic value of the vehicle and its resistance to unfavorable weather conditions. The most important advantages of waxing include:

  • regaining the depth of the body color,

  • high gloss car,

  • giving the bodywork hydrophobic properties, i.e. making it able to repel water molecules, including rain and mud,

  • protection against the penetration of contaminants into the paint,

  • making car care easier and making the vehicle require washing less often, which in turn leads to saving time and money,

  • ensuring the bodywork is resistant to UV radiation, which could lead to fading of the paint,

  • extending the life of the paint - proper waxing ensures that the bodywork retains its perfect appearance for longer.

The many benefits of paint waxing mean that this service should be chosen by both people who have recently purchased their car and those who have been enjoying their vehicle for many years. It is worth noting that obtaining such good results would be impossible if it were not for the precision of this type of treatments and the selection of only the best preparations tailored to the specific needs of the bodywork. By waxing your car, it can always look perfect and delight with its shine.

The effects of paint waxing can last from several weeks to even several months. Their durability is primarily influenced by: the type of wax selected, the frequency of washing the car, and how it is used. It is important to remember that only regular waxing can ensure the desired appearance and durability of the varnish. You should especially remember to use this service in winter, when the bodywork is exposed to low temperatures, snow, mud, and salt sprinkled on the roads.

Experts often recommend waxing the paint every time you wash your car. It is necessary to remember this, especially in the case of older cars, some of whose paint has been damaged, which may make it more exposed to harmful external factors. You should also always bear in mind that although the effects of waxing your car are visible immediately, the wax fully bonds with the paint only after a few hours.

Waxing your car is one of the activities that must be performed regularly, which is why many people wonder what the price of such a service is. However, the cost depends on many factors, including the selected preparations. However, it is worth noting that we make every effort to ensure that the customer knows what he is paying for. If you have any questions or doubts, we remain at his disposal. Moreover, the cost of this type of service corresponds to the effects that can be obtained after its proper performance.

After knowing the most important needs of the car owner, specialists can help you choose the best option. The most important thing for us is customer satisfaction. We know how important a role cars play in the lives of many people, so we want to keep them looking great for longer by offering paint waxing at favorable prices. Want to know the exact price ranges? Please contact us!

The car clinic in Poznań is a place where your car will be taken care of by professionals who gain experience not only in the country but also abroad. Our skills are also proven by the fact that during our activity we have already served hundreds or even thousands of customers who come back to us, entrusting their cars to us and using subsequent services.

Every day we try to meet the expectations of people using the Autoklinika's services, which is why we only use proven products that we would use to wax our own car. Thanks to this, we can be sure that we will provide you with the best results, taking care of the color and resistance of your bodywork. We have products tailored to different needs and expectations, which means that each time we can choose a preparation that will meet your expectations and guarantee the desired results.

It is also worth emphasizing that we never leave our clients in doubt. Whenever questions arise, we answer them in such a way as to explain everything thoroughly and understandably to people who entrust us with their cars. If you want your car to regain its former glory or want to protect your new car against factors that may cause fading or damage to the paint, make an appointment at the Autoklinika. Choose professional waxing of your car using renowned preparations and enjoy the perfect appearance of your car for a long time.