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Autoklinika is a place created with aesthetics, harmony, elegance and style in mind. Our recipe for success is the sum of details and hard work. The result is amazing projects and customer satisfaction.

The services we provide are a carefully selected mixture, the proportions of which are perfectly balanced and the ingredients complement each other in every detail. We will find a solution to any problem related to the aesthetics of your vehicle. We make every effort to meet your expectations.

The offered programs can be interwoven so that everyone can take comprehensive care of their car. As pioneers in detailing, we guarantee high quality, and each service is performed by our qualified crew with extensive experience.

The foils we use create a solid protective layer for the paint. Their greatest advantage is their self-regenerating and hydrophobic properties. The protective foil can be completely invisible or, thanks to its original visual effects, make sure that no one passes by your car indifferently!

from 190 PLN

With our coating and proper washing habits, your car will look like it left the showroom for longer. The coating significantly protects against scratches and other chemical and physical damage. We will protect paint, upholstery, windows, rims, vinyl and rubber elements.

from 900 PLN

Your car can gain a completely new image. We will change its color, cover it with our own graphics or elements cut on a plotter. We will give it a distinctive character by eliminating chrome and darkening the windows and lamps. It's up to you how you will make your dreams of a unique car look come true!

from 5100 PLN

Show others your character! We will make your car unique - just like you! Trust our creative team and they will realize your vision. Even the smallest change can give your car a new identity.

from 900 PLN

Attention to detail is our specialty. We will restore your vehicle to a condition as close to factory condition as possible. In car detailing, we approach each task uncompromisingly. We carefully plan each stage of work and adapt it to the specificity of a given order.

from 449 PLN

We perfectly cope with the negative effects associated with everyday use of a car. We are here to help you remove the effects of hail, parking dents and stone hits. We will remove minor dents, chips, abrasions, scratches and traces of use. We will renovate leather upholstery and restore its original freshness.

from 150 PLN