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BMW 330i

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  • PPF Hybrid


Hybrid car protection is the perfect compromise between just ceramic coating protection and PPF film protection

Hybrid package = compromise

The hybrid package is very popular with us - it provides protection for the entire car.

The entire car has a hydrophobic coating thanks to the ceramic coating applied to the remaining elements. The most vulnerable parts of the bodywork have been protected with PPF film.

The hood, headlights, mirrors, A-pillars, grille, bumper, fenders, door handle recesses, loading sill, and windshield. All these elements of the car have been protected with PPF film.

Precise in every detail

A well-applied film becomes an “invisible” shield against stones on the highway

Working with pre-cut templates gives us a time advantage and eliminates the need for cutting the film on the paint.

The PPF film we use is durable, and we provide a 10-year warranty on it.

We hosted the BMW 3 for three days.

At the client’s request, we focused on comprehensive, multi-stage car care.

Each service required precision and the use of appropriate, professional tools that we have in our workshop. The work on the BMW 3 lasted several days, and the result fully satisfied our client.

A process that includes stages such as washing door jambs, removing insects, washing the engine, wheels, removing tar from the car, removing airborne rust, and paint decontamination. All activities are performed in a wet station, with the final step being the thorough drying of the entire vehicle.

A plotter is a machine that cuts the film so that every element fits perfectly, even to the smallest detail. A vast database of models guarantees templates even for special vehicle versions.

Applying the film correctly requires experience and precision, which we fortunately have in abundance. The technician’s calm demeanor and clean, sterile conditions ensure high-quality application. Top-tier accessories allow us to finish the work impeccably, and the gadgets our technicians use significantly speed up the process.

The culmination of several days of work. To complete the perfect protection of the body, we clean the interior. This stage involves thorough vacuuming, cleaning and preserving the plastics, cleaning the trims, and meticulously washing the windows from both sides.

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Previous implementation

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