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Selected services:

  • Car detailing
  • Detailing washing
  • Interior cleaning

Scope of work

The BMW i8 series came to us for a detailing wash and, above all, a detailed interior cleaning. Detailing car washing is a multi-stage process aimed at the complete and at the same time safe removal of all dirt and contaminants from the car body.

The treatment is performed to care for the paint and improve the appearance of the vehicle.

Interior cleaning

This is a process that allows for the ongoing removal of the most visible contaminants.

Please remember that dust and many other things settle in many nooks and crannies, which are not visible at first glance and which become noticeable over time.

It is worth taking your car to a specialized detailing point once a month, which will professionally take care of your car.

We start each stage of interior cleaning with thorough vacuuming.

We start each stage of interior cleaning with thorough vacuuming. We always start the vacuuming process from the top and systematically move to the lower elements. It is worth washing the entire headliner thoroughly from time to time.

Vacuuming the seats begins with the headrests, moving to the backrest and ending with the seat. We thoroughly vacuum the glove compartment, cup holders, air vents, door sides, and leather upholstery. After vacuuming the carpet, it is worth using a brush with metal bristles to remove deep-seated dust or sand.

To clean plastics, we use APC and brushes in several sizes, which allows us to reach the smallest and hard-to-reach crevices. Apply APC to the cleaned surface using an atomizer and work it in thoroughly with a brush. Wipe the surface with a damp microfiber to remove any product residue and protect the plastic from discoloration.

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Previous implementation

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