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M3 Competition

Great power! Great responsibility...

Changing the color with PPF film from Clif Designs

PPF film in a colored version.

Changing the color of a car has recently gained the option of using colored PPF film. This is a wonderful solution because it protects the paint and changes the car's color. Colored PPF film has all the properties of regular PPF film.

It is perfectly smooth, so it very well imitates paint, which is unattainable with regular cast film. It has self-healing properties and comes with a 5-year warranty.

The car is fully protected and transformed.

The BMW M3 Competition is fully transformed and protected. PPF film offers new possibilities. For some time now, it not only provides real protection for the car but also can completely change its color.

We offer a palette of over 100 colors for the client to choose from. Our team will advise, demonstrate, and find a convenient appointment. Changing the color of the car takes about 7 days.

We took care of every detail.

Work with the maximum commitment of our salon.

Wrapping with PPF film, including the so-called "wrapping," is time-consuming – when changing the color, there is no other option.

The application process of the film required a lot of attention from our experienced technicians.

Previous implementation

Another realization

Previous implementation

Another realization