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BMW M3 Touring

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  • PPF Hybrid
  • PPF Protective films

M3 Touring - family-friendly and fast

Great power! Plenty of space for luggage.

We protect it with the Hybrid package

Protecting a car with over 500 HP should be a mandatory option on the equipment list...

Wrapping a car with PPF in the Hybrid package is the perfect compromise between protecting the entire car with a ceramic coating and protecting the entire car with PPF film. It's a great choice that guarantees the manufacturer's original paint is safe and its "newness" will be preserved for years.

PPF protection in the hybrid package includes the following elements: hood, bumper, fenders, headlights, windshield, mirrors, spaces under the door handles, and the loading sill. The remaining painted elements are protected with a ceramic, graphene, or elastomer coating. Our advisors provide guidance at every step of the car protection process. Their extensive experience is very helpful.

The car is fully protected.

The BMW M3 Touring, protected with PPF film in the full front package, gives the driver the comfort of knowing that the car's paint won't be damaged during highway travels.

We took care of every detail.

Work with the maximum dedication of our salon.

Wrapping with PPF film, including the so-called "wrapping," is time-consuming – but it was the client's wish.

The film application process required a lot of attention from our experienced technicians.

Previous implementation

Another realization

Previous implementation

Another realization