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BMW M4 Competition

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M4 Competition PPF Matt

This M4 Competition changed its appearance after protecting the paint with matte foil.

We freeze

Paint freezing is becoming more and more popular among users of premium cars. The BMW M4 Competition was begging to be frozen. The client made the right decision. The car is protected with PPF foil and has a great, unique look.

Covering the car with PPF foil, which gave the car a frozen effect, is a great choice that guarantees that the manufacturer's original paint is safe and its "newness" will be preserved for years.

The owner of the BMW M4 Competition secured and changed the appearance of his car. Our advisors provide advice at every step of transforming a client's car. Their experience is extensive and very helpful.

The car has a beautiful frozen effect

Thanks to the matte foil from Clif Designs, the BMW M4 Competition has changed its appearance to an even more aggressive one. This car is simply beautiful.

We took care of every detail

Work with the maximum commitment of our salon.

PPF matte film is demanding.

The process of applying the foil itself took a lot of attention from our experienced technicians.

Previous implementation

Another realization

Previous implementation

Another realization