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Lamborghini Huracan EVO

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  • Full Car Protect

Going beyond the usual patterns

We changed the standard look of the glossy paint, protecting the entire car with a Matte PPF Protective Film, which gave the vehicle a new perspective.

Metamorphosis carried out

This was the moment when we started a major transformation, both protecting and ensuring freshness on the roads, with a beautiful glossy matte finish, while retaining the original color of the Italian manufacturer Lamborghini.

In addition to the wrapping itself, at the customer's request, we added stripes running the entire length of the car to the elegance class, giving it some edge and character at the same time. The yellow color, which was matched to the color of the calipers, fits perfectly into the frame of the sporty styling, adding expressiveness to the entire vehicle. Thanks to this choice, the customer will enjoy the original color for years,

which will not be influenced by weather conditions or the inattention of other users in parking lots near shopping centers. The owner of the Laborghini Huracan Evo definitely has a great eye for car styling. Of course, our advisors are irreplaceable in such matters and will help in such matters.

The car needed our care

5 days with Laborghini Huracan Evo was an unforgettable time for us, during which we had the pleasure of taking care of the iconic car.

This car model has aerodynamic efficiency five times higher than models from the beginning of production.

The customer, aware of its performance, came to us directly from the showroom, delivering the car to us in a closed trailer.

We took care of every detail

Work with the maximum commitment of our salon.

The foil was applied with the greatest care to each of the elements of the golden bull.

The process of applying the foil itself took a lot of attention from our experienced technicians.

The foil was applied with the greatest care to each of the elements of the golden bull. From the largest painted elements to the smallest external decors or the rear bumper diffuser.

Previous implementation

Another realization

Previous implementation

Another realization