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Selected services:

  • Ceramic coating
  • Detailing washing
  • PPF Protective films

An unusual combination

The GT model is the first Mclaren to combine sportiness with luxury and driving comfort.

A detailed discussion of the client's needs

The 620-horsepower bolide entered our gates with dignity, and this is how our adventure with this extraordinary vehicle began.

The extraordinary performance of the car encourages you to travel at... "higher" speeds, and as a result, the paint is more susceptible to chipping. The client decided to apply foil to all painted elements.

Great decision! Thanks to this, the car will be protected not only against chips, but also against scratches, and the paint itself will remain intact for a long time and its care will become much easier.

We took care of every detail

A comprehensive package of services tailored to the customer's needs made the car even more unique.

Operating such a unique vehicle requires many years of experience as well as the commitment and diligence of our employees.

As soon as the car arrived at our car wash, our technicians immediately began preparing the car in detail for further stages of work. All steps were carried out with attention to every detail, the paint was washed and prepared for the foil application.

After washing, the Mclaren is handed over to our wrappers. From now on, the effect of our work depends on them. Preparing the varnish, cutting out the formats on our plotter and other elements gain protection. The precise arrangement of the dies on the varnish makes the foil practically invisible, the only thing we can observe this increase in the depth of the paint and additional shine. When wrappers finish their work, they leave the car ready for applying a ceramic coating to the rims and finishing work.

A dedicated product makes the rims hydrophobic, makes them easier to clean and gives them a glassy effect. Thanks to this, the entire car looks even better and all the most vulnerable elements are protected.

Cleaning the interior, washing the windows, final polishing of the paint and the car is ready for delivery. We see that the effect of our work satisfies the customer just as much as we do. We hand over the keys, necessary information on how to take care of the vehicle, provide certificates and warranty cards, and that's where this extraordinary experience ends. We will see the client and his McLaren for a check-up wash in about two weeks.

Previous implementation

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Previous implementation

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