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  • Full Front Protect

Preserve the
factory charm

A beautiful family wagon in a hybrid version.

We started work on the E-Class with a thorough detailing wash, removing all contaminants from the vehicle. We dedicate a lot of time to preparing the car to ensure no dirt interferes under the PPF film. Contrary to appearances, applying PPF film is not as simple a procedure as it might seem at first glance.

Before applying the PPF film, our applicators thoroughly inspect the cleanliness of the vehicle provided to them. Our car wash removes dust, sand, and dirt from seals, crevices, and corners of the car, ensuring our applicators can work efficiently and achieve a satisfactory final result for both the client and ourselves.

There was a lot of work

The Full Front package is the minimum protection that a new car should receive. Even on white paint, chips and scratches are visible.

White can shine too...

The interior of the Mercedes deserves protection.

Screen protected with PPF film.

We are also advocates of wrapping screens in cars.

Do you take care of your phone screen?

Take care of the one in your car as well.

We wrap screens in our customers' cars. Interestingly, we use PPF film for this purpose. This ensures that our screen won't get scratched from cleaning it with a cloth or microfiber, and it also removes fingerprints from the touchscreen.

We had the Mercedes with us for 2 days.

A super aware customer - they drove the car straight from the showroom to our studio.

We're glad to see users' awareness increasing.

Thoroughly washing the car before applying the film is a crucial step during your visit with us. During this wash, we remove dirt, dust, and sand from the car's crevices so that our technicians receive the most thoroughly prepared vehicle ready for PPF film application.

Application of PPF (Paint Protection Film), the only real protection available for your paint on the market. The film will protect the factory paint from chips and scratches. The full front package is the absolute minimum to ensure your car is protected and maintains its flawless appearance for as long as possible.

Previous implementation

Another realization

Previous implementation

Another realization