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Porsche Macan

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Selected services:

  • Full Car Protect
  • PPF Protective films

PPF film protects the car's paint.

Like Jack Frost, we like to be. Only we freeze all year round.

Preparation is key

The time we dedicate to a car in the "Full car" package ranges from 3 to 5 days. Every car accepted for service at our studio undergoes a detailing wash.

With every car, whether it arrives straight from the showroom or like this Macan with 22,000 km, we spend the same amount of time preparing it for PPF film application. The preparation of the car for film application is a crucial process that ensures our work in subsequent stages is efficient and precise. The final result is satisfying for both our applicators and the client.

Accuracy is our feature

Over a decade of experience in auto detailing.

Porsche Macan GTS

The car is frozen

The Porsche paint has been protected for years with PPF film. Additionally, it has gained a unique appearance. Frozen, it looks even better than the original. We are pleased that more and more car owners are opting to protect their vehicles and making this decision consciously.

The process includes steps such as washing door jambs, removing insects, cleaning wheels, eliminating tar from the car, removing surface rust, and paint decontamination. All activities are performed in a wet environment, culminating in thorough drying of the entire vehicle.

A plotter is a machine that cuts the film precisely so that each element fits perfectly down to the smallest detail. A vast database of models ensures templates even for special versions of vehicles.

Applying the film correctly requires experience and precision, qualities we possess in abundance. The technician's calm demeanor and clean, sterile conditions ensure high-quality application. Top-tier accessories allow us to finish the job flawlessly, while gadgets used by our technicians significantly speed up the process.

The culmination of several days of work. To complete the perfect protection of the body, we proceed with cleaning the interior. At this stage, we conduct thorough vacuuming, clean and maintain plastics, polish trim pieces, and meticulously wash the windows inside and out.

Previous implementation

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Previous implementation

Another realization