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Porsche Taycan
Turbo S

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  • Car wrapping

Change your Porsche with us

When you like green, but not the one from the Porsche range...

Preparation is key

The time we dedicate to changing the color of a car is approximately 7 days. Every vehicle accepted for execution at our studio undergoes a detailing wash. Additionally, each car returns to us for a quality inspection two weeks later.

We thoroughly inspect each car upon its arrival at our facility. We assess what we can do for the customer and propose appropriate solutions.

Accuracy is our feature

Over a decade of experience in auto detailing.

Porsche Taycan Turbo S

The car transformed beyond recognition

The original Porsche paint didn't quite please the owner, so he decided to change the appearance of his car. We helped him choose a film that has large pearl grain in it. The car impresses us every time we see it.

The process includes stages such as cleaning door jambs, removing insects and tar from the car, eliminating rust spots, and conducting paint decontamination. All operations are performed in a wet environment, culminating in thoroughly drying the entire vehicle.

Applying film correctly requires experience and precision, but fortunately, we have an abundance of both. Our technicians work calmly and in sterile conditions, ensuring high-quality application. Top-tier accessories enable us to finish jobs flawlessly, while gadgets used by our technicians significantly expedite the process.

At the end of several days of work, to complete the perfect protection of the bodywork, we undertake interior cleaning. This stage involves thorough vacuuming, cleaning and conditioning plastics, polishing trim pieces, and meticulously washing windows inside and out.

Previous implementation

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Previous implementation

Another realization