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An expedition legend

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Selected services:

  • Car personalization
  • Detailing washing
  • Dimming glass
  • PPF Protective films

A legend among pick-ups

Toyota has been designed to cope with the most demanding off-road obstacles.

The decision was simple...

We approach each implementation individually. That was also the case here. We have selected a range of services tailored to the greatest passion of the Toyota owner.

The car came to us with a nominal mileage, but it was a good moment to protect the paint. After the first conversation with the client and learning about his expectations and passion for off-road travel and crossing difficult terrain, we know that the Hilux will not have it easy.

Protection of the entire body with Cliff designs Prima-k foil. "Dechroming", window tinting and graphics sticking complement our work, making the vehicle one of a kind and becoming another unique work that we can be proud of.

Protection and personalization,
practice and spectacular visual effect

We used a comprehensive package of services to fully meet the customer's expectations.

We combined the practical protection provided by the application of PPF foil and achieved the individual character of the vehicle through plotter prints placed on individual elements of the car.

We started working on the car by thoroughly washing and removing deposits. There are no traces of tar on the new paint. Nevertheless, the procedures are rigid and we never bend them. We carried out full decontamination, gradually preparing the body for further stages of work.

As in the case of color change foil, when applying PPF foil, we strive to obtain a smooth, 100% clean paint surface, so that the service we provide is of the highest quality available on the market. On the Hilux, we limited ourselves to sanding off paint inclusions, which also occur on brand new paint coatings. We degreased the entire body and started the next stages of work.

After cutting the dies suited to a given car model on our plotter, the technicians began applying the foil. Gradually, element by element, the Toyota became shiny, all thanks to the properties of the protective film. In addition to protecting the paint, the foil also eliminates existing micro-scratches and has extraordinary hydrophobic properties. The wrappers wrapped every painted element of the body. When they finished working on the car, the technician who would tint the windows took over the project.

Contrary to popular opinion, window tinting is not only a visual effect, but also reduces UV rays entering the interior, thus increasing the efficiency of the air conditioning and improving safety in the event of glass breaking. The customer decided to tint the windshields with a foil with the lowest degree of tinting.

The next step in creating a unique Toyota was to get rid of all shiny, chrome elements, such as the grill and mirrors. The best solution was to cover them with black satin foil to change the color. This decision was also made by our client, and it must be admitted that the car now looks much better. It has become fresher and looks more aggressive. To complement the personalization, the graphic designer created an original pattern that reflects the passion of the vehicle owner. Hilux will now be a reflection of its owner. It will become a car full of passion, ready to traverse difficult terrain. After cutting the graphics on our plotter, technicians place the stickers on both sides of the car.

Unique character

Previous implementation

Another realization

Previous implementation

Another realization