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Car personalization

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Visual car tuning

Optical tuning of a car involves improving its appearance without interfering with the elements responsible for its technical functioning. We are here to make your dreams of a new look and feel of your car come true.

Even the smallest change can give the first, spectacular results. Color accents, tinted windows, changed interior, unique color of rims and much more... Do you already know what you want to change in your car?

We will make every effort to ensure that the car becomes your showcase. We love challenges and believe that every car has the potential to undergo visual tuning.

Show your story and character

  • From subdued elegance to fierceness to a sporty look – we are fans of every metamorphosis!

  • Seal your individuality and make a striking impression wherever you go.

  • We would love to hear your vision and make it a reality.

  • We use a wide range of solutions supported by experience, precision and unlimited creativity.

Styling package

For us, optical tuning means delicate styling that does not disturb the natural beauty of a specific car.

When composing packages for a given car model, we take into account all the elements: diffusers, spoiler cups, side skirts, splitters, spoilers and ducktails. We will emphasize the character of your car and thus your individuality.

We are able to change your car, give it a unique and sporty character, so that it not only arouses new sensations in you, but also pleases your eyes. The number of configurations we have in our packages means that everyone will find something for themselves.

Dimming glass

A modern look and improved comfort of using the vehicle are just two of the many benefits of window tinting.

Dark look is an effect that wins the hearts of many automotive enthusiasts. The key to full satisfaction is to apply the sun protection film carefully and aesthetically. However, the decision to cover the windows is not only related to the appearance of the car. The foil used plays an important functional role. It protects against harmful UVA and UVB rays and reduces the car’s heating, while protecting the upholstery from fading. You will gain travel comfort and a greater sense of privacy.

Act comprehensively!

When bringing your car to our clinic, it is worth considering additional services, because, as we know, "the devil is in the details".

Car personalization is usually a multi-step process that uses several different techniques and methods to improve the appearance and quality of the vehicle. We believe in the principle that it is worth taking care of even the smallest detail.

All this to ensure that the final effect is as spectacular as possible and exceeds expectations. Don't worry - our experienced team will guide you through the entire process and help you choose the right services for your car.

Changing the color of the rims

Rims matched to the body and well-kept will complement the image of any vehicle. We will help you match the perfect shade so that you can enjoy the uniqueness of your car even more.

price from 900PLN

Interior personalization

Improving the visual appearance of your car is not only about its external appearance! In our work, we operate comprehensively, so we always recommend taking care of the interior of the car, so that you can feel the change not only when you admire the vehicle before setting off on the road. We will make sure that all the details work together and create a coherent, impressive whole. Your car will never be the same again. Individual pricing.

Individual pricing

Questions & Answers

We know car styling like no one else. We understand your doubts. We will be happy to answer your questions.

Customer comfort and satisfaction are paramount to us. The work we do is our passion, so we will be happy to share our knowledge with you and dispel any doubts. Here are the most frequently asked questions about the Car Personalization service.

NO. We can order all elements at the customer's request after carefully discussing what additions we will install. We only use products from proven manufacturers and only such elements will be installed in the car. We do not work with unknown models.
NO. The elements are attached in accordance with the manufacturer's procedures and there is no possibility of them falling off.
Tinted windows protect against heating, reduce visibility from the outside, reduce incoming light, protect against fading of the upholstery and the harmful effects of UV rays.
No, if only the rear windows are tinted. We also recommend this option to our clients.