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Covering cars with foil – precise car wrapping

When choosing a car to buy - both new and used - we necessarily put its appearance in the background.

There are so many other aspects that we have to take into account that we are willing to sacrifice our aesthetic sense. However, at Autoklinika we have a different approach.

We know that changing the style of your car is at your fingertips thanks to the modern method of wrapping cars with foil, known as car wrapping.

Car wrapping - changing color with foil

  • Car wrapping was created in response to the laborious and time-consuming process of covering cars with new paint. Covering cars with protective foil has gained the recognition of many drivers with whom we have had the pleasure of working.

  • Experience in optical tuning and auto detailing as well as creativity allow us to understand the needs of car lovers who care not only about driving comfort, but also about the visual qualities of the car.

The growing popularity of car wrapping brings a breath of freshness

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    Car wrapping is nothing more than covering cars with foil to change the color of the body. It allows you to precisely cover the car with a new color, selected from a wide range, that precisely covers the current paint..

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    Thanks to this, we can only refresh the appearance of the car or completely change it – there are no restrictions in this respect, so it is worth fulfilling your eternal dream of a car in a color… you know best what color.

Car wrapping – solvent prints

Covering a car with original graphics is not only the domain of company car drivers.

We can apply a solvent print to any vehicle, which we agree individually with each client. We will make every effort to make your car come true after car wrapping.

The passion for challenges, originality and creativity is the driving force behind our actions and giving vehicles a unique character. For an interview with us, you only need to prepare a concept for your car.

Covering a car with foil in a detailing studio

Covering cars with foil on your own is risky, difficult and does not bring the same results as car wrapping in Autoklinika - a professional detailing studio. The foil that we apply when wrapping cars remains invisible - with the naked eye it is impossible to distinguish between a car with original paint and a car after car wrapping.

We can cover the entire car or only part(s) of it with foil. From a small sticker to a full-side graphic – it all depends on you and your imagination. Using a plotter allows you to precisely cut out each pattern from the selected foil. Practical plotter cutting combined with the precision and accuracy of our specialists open the way to the implementation of even the most complex projects. We will cut out your company logo, give the car a sporty character and highlight its advantages.


Wrapping your car with foil also provides an attractive body finish. We will cover chrome elements with matt black or another color of your choice. This solution not only refines the new appearance of the vehicle, but also provides protection that cannot be provided by chrome, which tends to quickly deteriorate. Covering with foil saves on expensive parts replacement.

Tinting the windows when wrapping the car with foil

Another modification to the appearance of your car that we can apply during car wrapping is covering the windows with foil.

Tinting the windows not only affects their appearance, but also the use of the car. Sun protection foil is an excellent way to increase the sense of privacy in the car and personalize the vehicle. We use products from the renowned 3M brand in the automotive industry, thanks to which the films protect against interior heating and harmful UVA and UVB rays, but not only that – the windows suffer less damage during a collision.

Bodywork protection after car wrapping

Changing the color is a way to eliminate the monotony of everyday use of your car, but it is only one of the many advantages of car wrapping. The foil also provides extremely important protection for the paint against harmful external factors.

How it's working? The material we use at Autoklinika Poznań to wrap the car is highly hydrophobic, which means that keeping it clean will be much easier. The foil is flexible and resistant to scratches, sand, stone chips, insects, solar radiation and road salt. It has the right thickness and self-healing properties.

To achieve the above benefits of wrapping cars with foil, we tested products from various manufacturers. We covered each car panel with a different foil, then verifying such parameters as hydrophobicity, self-healing, smoothness and visual effect after application. The winning material accompanies us today in precise car wrapping.

Act comprehensively!

When bringing your car to our clinic, it is worth considering additional services, because, as we know, "the devil is in the details".

It is the details that create a spectacular final effect. Sometimes even the smallest treatments bring about huge changes!

Changing color is sometimes not everything! See what else we can offer you to give your car a completely new image.

Color change with foil

Your car will be unrecognizable! In addition to its new appearance, it will gain additional protection against harmful external factors, which is guaranteed by a specially dedicated cast foil. The process of changing color using foil is completely reversible, so the car can return to its original appearance at any time.

price from 9000PLN

Chrome delete

The shine fades away! We will cover chrome elements with matt black or another color of your choice. This solution not only refines the new appearance of the vehicle, but also provides protection that cannot be provided by chrome, which tends to quickly deteriorate. Applying foil saves you money on expensive parts replacement.

price from 1200PLN

Dimming glass

Your car can be even more stylish and comfortable! When you decide to tint your windows, you can be sure of a carefully and aesthetically performed service that will bring numerous practical benefits. By choosing this service, you will protect against harmful UVA and UVB rays, avoid heating the car and protect the upholstery against fading.

price from 999PLN

Dimming lamps

The light from a xenon, LED or laser lamp has such a focused beam that even the darkest foil cannot disturb the driver's vision at night. You can complete the dark look of your car without any worries. The foil will additionally protect the lamp surface against dirt and damage.

price from 400PLN

Covering with solvent prints

We will wrap your car with our own graphics and give it an individual, unique character. We will help you select and arrange your unique design. We make prints for company cars and for those who want to realize their artistic vision.

Individual pricing

Styling with elements cut on a plotter

The plotter allows for the most precise cutting of even the smallest, but also the most complicated elements. Thanks to the use of this modern, advanced technology, we have even greater opportunities to make your dreams of a unique car come true.

Individual pricing

We use the best foils

Advantages of car wrapping

Wrapping your car with foil is not only a spectacular visual effect! There are a number of other extremely practical benefits associated with this.


Paint protection

Wrapping cars protects their paint and even protects car bodies against harmful weather conditions.


Car personalization

Every driver wants to have a unique car. We are able to help you with this. Thanks to the foil, you can have a car in a color that is not available at the factory.


There is no boredom!

The operation is renewable, so if you get tired of the new color, you can return to the original one without any damage to the paint.

Car wrapping – everything you need to know

We know a lot about wrapping cars with foil, and here you will find the most important information in a nutshell.

We approach our projects professionally and with all substantive principles. We will be happy to answer your questions.

Car wrapping does not damage the paint, but protects it and protects the body against external factors. The operation is renewable - you can always return to the original color of the car. The effect of covering with foil is unnoticeable to the naked eye and lasts on average from 2 to 4 years.
Before applying the foil, you need to remove dirt from the car (asphalt, rust, metal filings), dents and damage. In case of changing the color, it is necessary to dismantle some elements (lamps, door handles, etc. The foil can be used not only to cover the body, but also the windows or the cockpit. The foil used to change the color of the car is applied dry.
To make an appointment for car wrapping at the Autoklinika in Poznań, you can call us, use the contact form or write an e-mail to biuro@autoklinikapoznan.pl.