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PPF protective films

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What are PPF protective films?

PPF foil is currently the best protection for car paint on the market. In addition to its resistance to impacts, it is characterized by the ability to self-regenerate, i.e. heal under the influence of heat.

The most popular PPF foil is colorless foil, which gives the paint a deeper color and greater glassiness. The recent development of technology has brought new possibilities for styling your car using PPF foil.

Foils giving the chameleon effect, frozen varnish and piano black effects have appeared on the market. Thanks to us, your car can gain not only excellent protection, but also an amazing eye-catching effect.

Unrivaled security

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    Effectively protects against chips caused by collisions with insects and small stones.

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    The thickness of the foil exceeds 160 microns, which is sufficient protection against scratches from branches and nails.

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    It also protects against parking damage – from abrasions caused by shopping carts and carelessly opening doors.

Durability and comfort of use

  • The hydrophobic layer will ensure that water smoothly flows off the car, making it easier to maintain a clean body.

  • In case of abrasions, simply replace the damaged foil and the original paint will remain undamaged.

  • Self-regeneration of the protective foil ensures long use and no scratches for many years.

PPF foil is an added value for your car

  • After securing, the value of the vehicle increases!

  • When selling, the foil is an undoubted advantage that distinguishes the car from competing advertisements, and the excellent condition of the paint significantly increases the price of the car.

Questions & Answers

We approach our services professionally and at the highest possible level. We will be happy to answer your questions.

Customer comfort and satisfaction are paramount to us. The work we do is our passion, so we will be happy to share our knowledge with you and dispel any doubts. Here are the most frequently asked questions about the PPF protective films service:

When applying colorless PPF film, the process takes place without the need for disassembly. In the case of PPF Matt, Piano black, PPF Pearl or PPF Cameleon foils, it is necessary to dismantle the door handles. In some cases, it is also necessary to dismantle the mirrors or bumper.
In the case of colorless PPF film, the only visible elements are the corners and edges of the elements, which are only visible when you look closely. For other visual effect foils, the foil is visible. Depending on the type of foil (PPF Matt, Piano black, PPF Pearl or PPF Cameleon), we achieve a different visual effect.
The foil manufacturer provides a warranty of up to 10 years and we recommend this period of use.
Yes. The foil is ~185 microns thick and protects the paint against such damage.
NO. Our client receives the opportunity to personalize the body protection. You decide which elements we will protect with the foil of your choice. The only exception are cars with matte/satin paints and PPF Cameleon. In this case, the differences in effect will be too great to protect individual elements.
Everything depends on the number of secured elements. Typically, the wrapping process lasts from several hours to several days.
NO. The elements are cut out by a cutting plotter on the foil, and then we apply the ready-made dies to the bodywork.
We specialize in providing the best car protection solutions using high-quality PPF foil. We guarantee unrivaled protection against scratches, abrasion and other damage. Fast and free quote.
You can place an order by completing the simple contact form available on our website. We offer an immediate quote and delivery within 24 hours, so in most cases the customer receives the order the next business day. Individual account manager
We make sure that each client feels special. That's why we assign a dedicated caregiver who is available by phone and e-mail. The carer will individually prepare a die for each car, advise and answer all your questions. Price per square meter
The price of the service is calculated for each square meter of the cutting die. This means that you only buy as much foil ayou actually need for a specific car model, which eliminates unnecessary costs and ensures optimal vehicle protection.

Orders can be placed using the application form

Types of foil

You don't have to wrap the whole car! We can protect selected elements or even their fragments, such as the space under the door handles or the loading sill.

We stand out due to our excellent understanding of the needs of our clients. To fully meet them, we have created ready-made packages. They combine complementary services and comprehensively help you take care of your car.

Each of the packages can be freely modified, so you will certainly choose one that will be right for you. You decide, and we will help you at every stage of work!


OCTAGON protective foil is the best quality protective foil for car paint.
Smoothness and shine Enjoy quality equivalent to the original varnish, without unsightly orange peel effects.
Better protection against pollution OCTAGON will work better than other products, limiting the accumulation of dirt, detergents and exhaust dust.
Perfect for light and white varnishes OCTAGON foil is perfect for protecting light and white paints, emphasizing the cleanliness and shine of the bodywork.

Individual pricing


PRIMA-K is a bestseller on the European and American markets, which protects your car's paint while maintaining a high gloss and flawless appearance.
Excellent self-regenerating properties
PRIMA-K makes scratches disappear even with ordinary microfiber, without the need to heat the element, guaranteeing long-term protection and beauty of your car.
Hydrophobic properties
Thanks to its hydrophobic properties, the PRIMA-K foil makes it difficult for water and dirt to stick, keeping the car clean for longer.

Individual pricing


Let your car enjoy the highest protection with ELITE foil. Colorless and extremely flexible, this foil is the perfect solution for even the most difficult elements.
Flexibility for easy application
Thanks to its unique flexibility, the ELITE foil easily adapts to the shape of the car, which makes its application on difficult elements much easier.
Effective self-regeneration
Scratches, bird droppings, insects and chips are no longer a problem. ELITE foil has an excellent self-regeneration function, which ensures long-term protection of the paint.
Hydrophobic properties
Like our other films, ELITE is characterized by high hydrophobic properties that help keep the car clean for a longer time.

Individual pricing


The LPU foil will not only protect the headlights against damage, but also give them an unusual, eye-catching look.
Headlight protection
The LPU foil effectively protects the headlights against damage and degradation of plastics, providing long-lasting protection.
Unusual appearance
Thanks to the LPU foil, your car's headlights will gain an original and unusual look that will make it stand out on the road.
Three shades of darkening
The LPU foil is available in three shades of tinting: Light Black, Gray and Black, so you can easily choose the perfect shade for your car.

Individual pricing


CARBON protective foils impress not only with their unique appearance, but also with high quality and durability, thanks to the imitation of carbon fiber.
Unique appearance
The CARBON foil imitates the texture of carbon fiber, giving the car a unique and stylish look that catches the eye.
High durability and resistance
Made of polyurethane, it is extremely durable and resistant to impacts, scratches and mechanical damage, which makes it an ideal successor to PVC foil.
Protection against deformations and damage
The CARBON foil increases the durability of the paint, protecting it against deformations and damage that may occur throughout the vehicle during everyday use of the car.

Individual pricing


Revive your car and gain unrivaled protection with PPF Pearl film.
Refresh the look of your car
If your car has lost its shine or the color has become too trivial, PPF Pearl will give it an amazing pearl effect.
Maximum protection with the "WOW effect"
PPF Pearl combines excellent paint protection with a stunning pearl structure that catches the eye on the street.
Excellent hydrophobicity
Enjoy not only an attractive appearance, but also unique hydrophobicity that keeps the paint clean and protected.

Individual pricing


Chameleon foil will attract attention and provide your car with exceptional protection. Unique appearance
Chameleon foil changes colors depending on the light and angle of observation, so it is a perfect solution for people who are looking for something unusual.
The highest quality material
Made of high-class thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), the foil provides a unique effect and durability.
Self-regeneration properties and protection
Thanks to the Prima-K base, Chameleon foil has the same properties of self-regeneration, clarity and resistance to scratches and external factors.

Individual pricing


Folia Matte PPF, dodaje elegancji Twojemu samochodowi i zapewnia doskonałą ochronę.
Miękkość i trwałość dzięki TPU klasy Premium
Folia Matte PPF wykonana z wysokiej jakości termoplastycznego poliuretanu (TPU) gwarantuje niezwykłą miękkość i trwałość.
Ochrona na równi ze standardowymi foliami PPF
Zapewnia odporność na żółknięcie, uszkodzenia, chemię samochodową, hydrofobowość i efekt samoregeneracji.
Matowe wykończenie i efekt mrożenia lakieru
Matte PPF zachowuje pierwotną barwę lakieru, nadając mu matowe wykończenie i coraz bardziej popularny efekt mrożenia lakieru.

Individual pricing


Matte Pearl foil combines a unique matte finish with a metallic shine, perfect for people who want to stand out.
Two-in-one effect
Matte Pearl combines a beautiful matte finish with noticeable metallic grains, creating a unique effect.
Premium TPU
The film uses an undeniably soft and durable premium thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) film.
Maintaining the original paint color
After application, Matte Pearl maintains the original color of the varnish, giving it a matte finish with a metallic shine.

Individual pricing


Black Matte PPF foil gives your car a stylish, matte black finish.
Innovative matte finish
Black Matte PPF film offers an attractive, matte finish that stands out from other films.
Premium TPU
The foil is made of extremely soft and durable premium thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) foil.
Change of paint color
After applying the Black Matte PPF foil, the paint color changes to black, which provides a spectacular matte finish.

Individual pricing


This is a foil developed with a unique and creative idea for customers who do not like simplicity, but are looking for something extraordinary.
Unusual appearance
The deep black and mirror gloss of the foil will provide a new look for the elements of your car, allowing you to create your own vehicle concept.
Excellent properties
The foil has excellent self-regeneration, clarity and resistance to scratches and external factors, which guarantees long-term use.

Individual pricing


This is a PPF protective film that is used to protect the windshield.
Resistant to damage
PPF film provides protection against chips and scratches, which allows you to keep the glass clean and undamaged.
Easy application
Thanks to the new concept of foil application, it can be easily applied without the need for heating.
High clarity
The PPF film provides high clarity, which allows for seamless visibility from behind the wheel, without light refraction.

Individual pricing

Packages tailored to your car

You don't have to wrap the whole car! We can protect selected elements or even their fragments, such as the space under the door handles or the loading sill.

We stand out due to our excellent understanding of the needs of our clients. To fully meet them, we have created ready-made packages. They combine complementary services and comprehensively help you take care of your car.

Each of the packages can be freely modified, so you will certainly choose one that will be right for you. You decide, and we will help you at every stage of work!

Full front

If you are familiar with reaching higher speeds on highways and expressways, Full front is the package just for you! One small stone or even a larger insect is enough to cause a paint chip to appear on the bumper or hood. These are moments that cannot be avoided unless the front of the car is protected with foil. The bumper, hood, fenders, mirrors, part of the pillar, front of the roof, spaces under the door handles and the loading sill are the elements protected in our package. What about the rest of the bodywork? You can choose protection with a ceramic coating that hardens the varnish and provides additional hydrophobicity.

price from 4200PLN

Full car

Do you want to protect the entire body? No problem! Our team will make every effort to cover even the smallest element of your car with protective foil. If necessary, you will be able to replace the damaged foil and apply a new one, avoiding varnishing. However, the bodywork is not everything. We are able to protect all painted interior elements, and even monitors, with foil. What the foil cannot cover will be protected by us with a ceramic coating. It's up to you what you choose for the package.

price from 10900PLN

The process of wrapping a vehicle

In order for the PPF film to be applied correctly, we must properly prepare the surface.

When preparing the car, we start with a thorough detailing wash. The next step is a thorough inspection of the paint and removal of any imperfections.

We apply ready-made forms cut on a plotter. We do not allow any cutting on the bodywork! After application, heat the edges of the foil thoroughly to eliminate the risk of it peeling off during washing. Your car is safe in our hands!

A process involving many skills of our team. The complexity of washing makes the process long-lasting and safe for the paint, and the result is a pristine clean paint that will be visible under the foil.

Careful inspection of the bodywork is the key to success, because if you want to protect it, you can only protect the paint coating carefully prepared for it. We won't miss even the smallest grain of sand!

Cutting the foil to the appropriate model makes it much easier, and applying previously prepared forms minimizes the risk of failure to zero. We cut each element on a plotter away from the body of your car.

Experience, precision and mastery are the basic factors needed for perfect foil application. Our team has these advantages, so you can be sure that your car is in the hands of real professionals.

The places most exposed to damage or tearing of the foil are heated at this stage to minimize the risk of failure.

The culmination of our work is a thorough inspection of what we have done in the previous stages. We do not allow ourselves to make mistakes, and our determinants are high level and quality to fully satisfy our customers.