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Smart Repair

Current times require us to work quickly and effectively. Thanks to Smart Repair repairs, it is possible to remove minor damage from vehicles in a very short time while maintaining a low price for the service. With the help of our specialists, your car can regain its perfect appearance in a few hours and look great on the road again. We invite you to discover our offer!

The term Smart Repair comes from the English words Small and Medium Area Repair Technologies. It refers to technology that allows for quick performance of small and medium-sized repairs in cars. This type of work originated in the USA, but today it is increasingly entering Europe, including Poland. The specialists employed at the Autoklinika have perfectly mastered the art of Smart Repairs, which is why they can provide you with quick and effective help in the event of minor damage to your car.

Smart Repairs owe their popularity to many advantages that are appreciated by drivers not only in Poland, but also in other countries around the world. Their advantages include:

  • the ability to repair car components without having to replace them, which allows you to keep the original parts in your car,

  • short repair time - depending on the ordered Smart Repair service, the car can be ready for use even in 30 minutes,

  • lower price of the service - Smart Repairs repairs are also a way to save money because in this case, as mentioned, no parts are replaced, which could generate additional costs.

Smart Repairs make it possible to restore full functionality to cars that are exposed to minor damage due to everyday use. The work of experienced specialists will allow you to restore the car to its previous efficiency and perfect appearance for a long time. Forget about painting large vehicle elements or replacing the entire upholstery or windows and leave your car in the hands of specialists from the Autoklinika.

Smart Repair is a good option for minor car damage. Everyday use of the car causes some parts of the vehicle to simply wear out, and small chips or abrasions appear on the bodywork. Even the best drivers have to deal with such problems from time to time.
However, services such as Smart Repairs help in their quick removal, which is why they are addressed primarily to people who do not want to leave their car in the workshop for a long time, and at the same time care about the full efficiency and good appearance of their vehicle.
Our services are addressed to demanding people who want their cars to always look perfect. We perform each repair with attention to detail so that any previous damage is no longer visible. Check out the offer and see what exactly we can do for you!

Removing dents

We know how to act so that there is no trace of the damage. We start each repair with thorough diagnostics and selecting the optimal method.Find out more...

Our specialists use knowledge in the skillful use of tools and methods of removing dents.

The treatments are safe for your car's bodywork. The repair takes place without filling, and your car will retain its original paint.

PDR dent removal

  • PDR stands for Paintless Dent Repair.

  • This is a method in which the technician precisely manipulates the levers to remove deformations and restore the correct plane of the body surface. Its efficiency reaches 100%.

  • This type of work requires a lot of experience and sensitivity, because it takes place at the elastic limit of the sheet metal.

  • We use the PDR lever dent removal method wherever we can reach it with a properly selected lever.

Glue pulling dent removal

  • We use this method when the use of the PDR lever is limited due to the specific structure of the element (e.g. in the case of posts and closed profiles).

  • Dent removal is performed using an inertia hammer and specialized adapters of each selected shape and size. The adapter is attached to the surface of the dent using hot-melt glue.

  • When the glue hardens, the dented sheet metal is pulled out. An inertia hammer is used for this purpose. We use this method when the use of the PDR lever is limited due to the specific structure of the element.

Leather renovation

We know the techniques and have products that will perfect the leather upholstery in your car. By giving your car to us, you can be sure that we will restore the leather to its original properties. Find out more

Our experienced team will remove discolorations, abrasions and any cracks caused by everyday use of the vehicle. We will increase the comfort of use and the aesthetic value of the interior. We repair the damage using the so-called skin in gel, we recreate the original structure and select a color identical to the original. After giving the upholstery the appropriate finish, we maintain it so that you can enjoy the effect of new leather for years.

Removing glass chips

A chip on your windshield usually appears suddenly. The crack may progress and disturb our vision while driving, which is potentially dangerous and may result in a fine. Find out more...

The windshield is an extremely important element of your car. Our team will repair it using modern technology that stops further cracking of the glass.

We start removing chips by drilling holes in the damage according to the Smart Repair methodology, filling it with finishing resin and exposing it to a UV lamp. The whole process is finished by polishing and smoothing the surface.

Packages for every budget

We operate comprehensively and flexibly. If your car requires more than one Smart Repair service, we have created an individual, comprehensive offer for you.

We offer a wide range of packages tailored to the individual needs of our clients. What they have in common is our approach and attention to even the smallest detail.

At every stage of work, our experienced specialists provide their knowledge, advice and assistance in selecting appropriate services.

PDR + gluepulling

The PDR technique involves removing dents without the need for painting. The whole job is to push the dent out millimeter by millimeter from the inside, and if possible, we can work from the outside using the glue pulling technique.

price from 150PLN

Pack of 10 dents

Taking into account the complexity of dent removal work, we approach each topic individually. If you have more than one dent on your car and you decide to remove all of them, we will take this into account as well. As they say, the package is cheaper...?

Individual pricing

Questions & Answers

We approach the services we provide professionally and at the highest possible level. We will be happy to answer your questions.

Customer comfort and satisfaction are paramount to us. The work we do is our passion, so we will be happy to share our knowledge with you and dispel any doubts. Here are the most frequently asked questions about the Smart Repairs service.

Yes, thanks to the PDR technique of non-invasive removal of dents. However, if the paint was previously damaged, it may be necessary to visit a painter after the repair.
Not every one. There are dents that cannot be removed using the PDR technique. These include, for example, dents on the edges of elements, in places where sheets are welded, if the sheet is stretched.
NO. The PDR technique allows you to remove the effects of hailstorms.
Of course. We are able to achieve a factory-like effect.
It all depends on the degree of dirt and how long you have been driving with it. In most cases, cleaning is a service that helps with discoloration from pants.
Yes, but the abrasion cannot be too advanced.